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Maryoni Berlin, Sunai Terms Art

Terms – Art

What do you call something that is everywhere, can appeal to all five senses, stirs up hatred and obsession in equal measure, and can torture as well as tantalize? You might think that I’m referring to the omnipresent nature of sex and sensuality from our previous article– and in many ways, I am- and also …

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Terms – Magic(k)

“There seem to be almost as many definitions of magic as there have been scholars writing about it”, so Hanegraaff informs us, quoting Pasi, in his cornerstone work “Esotericism and the Academy – Rejected Knowledge in Western Culture”. And yet, we are offering you one more perspective to join the melee. Perhaps some of it …

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Terms – Sex

As the Sunai Institute’s activities revolve around ‘Sex’ it seems appropriate to first introduce the term theoretically: some describe Sex as a universal form of energy, created by and available to all living things. Surrounding, penetrating and binding material existence together. Others refer to it is Qi, Prana – Orgone even – or just as …

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