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Rosaleen Norton

meanwhile in London…

…at Kings Cross to be perfectly precise. Well, ok not exactly meanwhile – but let’s just take a somewhat relaxed perspective on the concept and linearity of time, shall we? By mere chance I came across this article in the Guardian that introduced me to the work of Rosaleen Norton – the ‘infamous witch of …

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The Complaint of Nature (de planctu naturae) – a recommendation

At times we find inspiration in the most unexpected spots. This post is an example of such. For purposes unrelated to the Sunai Institute the author has looked at religious sources of humanity’s somewhat imbalanced relation to nature in general and fellow sentient beings in particular. In doing so two things came to mind which …

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On the symbols of Poland’s pro-choice protests

Without even stepping on the somewhat slippery ground of semiotics we wish to share a few thoughts about how symbols take on different meanings depending on context and era. Looking briefly at the 2020 pro-choice protests in Poland‘s main symbol to be precise: Interestingly enough the first two associations we had when first seeing this …

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Terms – Magic(k)

“There seem to be almost as many definitions of magic as there have been scholars writing about it”, so Hanegraaff informs us, quoting Pasi, in his cornerstone work “Esotericism and the Academy – Rejected Knowledge in Western Culture”. And yet, we are offering you one more perspective to join the melee. Perhaps some of it …

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