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About Sunai Institute

The Sunai Institute is facilitated by a small group of individuals in Europe, the UK and North America. Our interests range greatly; from literature, to art and academia. One passion we each share is a long-standing interest & experience in and commitment to spiritual sexuality, with a particular focus on its kink related elements.

At Sunai, we suggest that practicing spiritual sexuality is a practical way of gaining understanding of one’s self and can have considerable mental health and wellness benefits too. In other words: our research and experience show, that engaging in said practices is not just an inspiring and satisfying endeavor, but also offers positive results to the practitioner that are lasting.

Our work has no financial aims. Our goal is to share information about our activities and also to contribute to the discourse around all things spiritually sexual.

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If the above piqued your interest and you are interested in a conversation or feel like contributing, please take the first step and contact us today. We speak English, French and German.

A word on data privacy: the Sunai Institute is committed to data privacy and has not, is not and will never collect any data from individuals for marketing or profiling purposes.