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Basics – Visualization

Words and language can be imprecise. Have you ever felt at a loss for words? Unable to describe a feeling? It’s a common sensation- and a good reminder that we have other means by which to communicate with our own sub conscious. As such, the sub conscious mind can more easily process visual symbols as forms of communication and synergistic alignment – sigils play a big part here. To interact with our subconscious we need to be able to evoke inner pictures, visualize symbols and find access to an altered state of mind.

To conduct magick successfully, it is imperative that we utilize our imagination. Some institutions may refer to this as the inner eye or by various other descriptors: though words utterly fail to describe the power of turning inward and being able to conjure images and hold ideas in a clear and near palpable form.

Try a simple exercise: draw three shapes that intersect. Look at the image for 30 seconds- then, close your eyes and bring the image in to your internal view. With eyes closed, try and redraw the image as you see it in your minds eye. 

Can you recreate it? Truthfully, accuracy isn’t the name of the game here- it’s effort, at least when we are starting on this journey.

If you find visualization difficult, try and incorporate it in to your meditation practice or spiritual practice when you are in a relaxed and peaceful state already. Or simply start by taking a trip through your imagination and memory. Focus on your breathing, and just be- tell us where your visualization practice has taken you so far on our social media channel.

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