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Basics – Altered State of Mind

At Sunai, we understand an altered state of mind / a non-dual state of mind to be one of the three basic ingredients of making change happen / conducting effective sex magick. As such, we would like to share our definition of this concept and, eventually, various ways one can achieve this in their practice[1]we will not touch upon erotic practice here as that warrants an article of its own .

We accept this concept as a state in which a blueprint for change can be imprinted on the subconscious, thereby allowing it to do the work to manifest that change in reality.

If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming- you’re not alone. It’s difficult to explain this occurrence unless you have felt the shift that takes places internally during it. Maybe it helps to just think about this as turning a radio to receive mode, so it waits for signals it can pick up and process.

Finding an altered state isn’t as daunting as you may believe. The idea isn’t to find some sort of magical fairy land- you’re working on elevating your existence beyond the everyday. To re-use the radio analogy- it’s like the moment you clear the static and connect with a perfectly clear channel.

For example, try revisiting commonplace activities with a renewed approach. Eat a piece of fruit as if it is your very first time. Engage all your senses- look at its flesh, inhale the skin or peel, close your eyes and try to see the fruit without looking at it. How does it sound as your finger tips move across its skin? When you bite in- can you hear anything you’ve never noticed? Does it flood your mouth with sweetness? Allow some of the juice to drip from your lips.

This experience can be transformative, the power to elevate anything is already in you- you just have to clear the static.

Alternatively, take a walk (alone and with your phone on silent-mode!) in the woods or a green space. What can you see, hear, touch, smell, taste? Feel the resilient bend of a blade of grass, taste the sweet specific air on a spring day. Tune your senses, sharpen them to work harder, live in the moment fully. Life is full of reasons not to slow down, but to achieve anything great- you have to find a particular balance unique to you.

Alternatively think about the use of psychotropic substances like mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca, and cannabis for instance. The elevated sense of reality that can be achieved through these substances is similar to what we are looking to create.

Though- the drugs can be a short cut to the feeling of elevation that comes with an altered state, they are not the key. To be able to effectively make change happen, you have to learn to find this place within yourself substance-free – and that is, let’s face it, is likely to be hard work as if you were learning a new language.

Here’s a few exercises to try to reach said altered state of mind:

  • progressive relaxation as taught in Autogenic Training
    • adopt comfortable laying position
    • breath slowly, calm down
    • actively relax the body starting from the feet, thinking “my left foot is relaxed and feels warm”, and progressing from there to right foot, left lower leg, right lower leg, left upper leg, right upper leg, …, left ear, right ear
    • remain in this state of deep relexation as long as it feels right
  • meditation & breathwork
    • find a comfortable and stable body position
    • stop all movement, stay in your position
    • focus on your breath as it
      • flows in
      • flows out
      • flows in
      • flows out
    • answer yourself: who is it, who does the breathing?
  • take a strained walk of about half an hour[2]of course alone and without any technology in a setting that could disturb you
    • don’t amble, but don’t run either, walk as fast as you can without running
    • focus on the there-and-then, see what thoughts appear, don’t try to attach to them, let your inner pictures entertain you — maybe there’s already interesting insights in this?


1 we will not touch upon erotic practice here as that warrants an article of its own
2 of course alone and without any technology in a setting that could disturb you