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Terms – Art

What do you call something that is everywhere, can appeal to all five senses, stirs up hatred and obsession in equal measure, and can torture as well as tantalize?

You might think that I’m referring to the omnipresent nature of sex and sensuality from our previous article– and in many ways, I am- and also am not. Art is a similar concept to Sex as we apply it in “Sunian” fashion.

It touches everything we do- can be found in the clanging mechanization of technology, hanging in the Louvre, and also scrawled across the brick high rise down the block. It can be in the vibrational music of nature, a professional operatic aria, or the spine tingling heat of whispered words against flesh.

Art is, as sex is, constantly in flux- and so uniquely defined to each human on earth. Isn’t it amazing that Art and Sex intersect not only in their shared ability for controversy- but also in the passion they require to be fulfilling? The lover is the artist, and vice versa.

At Sunai we are challenging you to expand your scope when it comes to Art and sex. Join us as we explore these concepts in detail, and feel free to share on our social media channel what Art means to you, or- what unexpected places you find it.

Picture: Berlin’s very own Maryoni

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