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Rosaleen Norton

meanwhile in London…

…at Kings Cross to be perfectly precise. Well, ok not exactly meanwhile – but let’s just take a somewhat relaxed perspective on the concept and linearity of time, shall we? By mere chance I came across this article in the Guardian that introduced me to the work of Rosaleen Norton – the ‘infamous witch of Kings Cross’.

By Ivan, PIX magazine photographer – Artists series – Miss Rosaleen Norton & Selma Muller, Public Domain

The article is a rather interesting quick introduction to the artists work and life – relevant here as it touches upon the intersection of sex, art and magick. It also mentions a new documentary which is due to be released so a variety of platforms soon. And since we’re in our relaxed perspective about time… we could – just as the author of the article suggests – play with idea how Norton’s work would have been perceived at later decades… potentially even today?

Oh, and since I happened to linger around a bit more at the Guardian… maybe these articles are relevant to your interests too, dear reader?