Sunai Institute

Sunai Institute

Are you interested in the convergence of spirituality and sexuality?
Do you wonder how they can help you to improve yourself?

The Sunai Institute is committed to the research and the communication related to spirituality and sexuality. Our ultimate mission is to gain a deeper understanding of one’s true self. During this journey we aim to discover potential ways to improve the self by overcoming inner obstacles – all while engaging in practice that is rewarding for the body and the soul. Here in Sunai our practices are conducted in solo or partnered environments, often making use of the unique elements found in power exchange dynamics. Our community support each other and share experiences they come across during their journey.

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Photo by Sunai Institute

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Photo by Sunai Institute

At Sunai, our basic principles are respect, decency and openness. We draw upon academic sources, written or oral reports from practicioners and real life observational or first hand experiences.

This site will provide you with:

  • writings of The Sunai Institute fellows, offering their interpretations of relevant studies or other sources and sharing their personal exerience with the practice
  • easy to follow instructions for own experiments
  • narrative interviews with a variety of practicioners from all walks of life
  • art work of The Sunai Institute fellows and associates
  • occasional comments on events for the community

Usually, the discussion of all sexual issues is considered taboo, and youth in many cultures were not given any information on sexual matters.

The Sunai Institute is NOT about organized spirituality or financial aspects in any way shape or form.

Sexual knowledge is for everyone and having a great way to know our body. It ensures the need to make healthy decisions about our bodies and relationships throughout our lifetime. Join our community and be part of the conversation.

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Disclaimer: if you're looking for casual dating, pay-to-play, explicit content, a guru or the meaning of life - you’ve got the wrong exit. However, if you strive for Gnosis by having a good time, we bid you a warm welcome!

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